Welcome to My New Website!

Hi. I'm Anna Mikhaylenko, one of the biggest, youngest and prettiest female bodybuilders on the planet! Welcome to my brand new website.

I'm a Ukrainian girl who speaks Russian, Ukrainian, English and German. I am a serious lifter ("I lift real huge weights") and arm wrestler. I'm also an actress, and one of the most muscular female bodybuilders on the planet - incredibly strong, charismatic, and beautiful with a sweet personality!

I love the sensation of muscular growth. I love to be big and strong!

I was an orphan so had no opportunity to get an education. I learned two languages by myself. Now I am working as a fitness model and sports model

I like movies and books. I love animals (I feed street animals and try to take care of them). I like to eat in cosy restaurants with friends and drink cups of good tea. I like to consider over the Biblical verses. I like travelling and learning new cultures from various nations. I like to rest at the seaside and on the ocean shore, and to swim,